December 24th – Christmas Eve

OMG Christmas Eve WTF!

Let's all lose our minds for Christmas!

So here it is, Christmas Eve is upon us which means that if we all just shut our eyes and hold out for a few more days, all of this insanity will be behind us.

I’m updating this one super early because I have to head up north to my grandparent’s place in only a few short hours from now.  This is because Christmas Eve has somehow fooled us all into being its own holiday.

What is the deal with Christmas Eve anyways? Why do no other holidays get an Eve before them? I guess Halloween does have Devil’s Night, but that’s not really a good holiday. On Christmas Eve you might get to open some presents early. You don’t get candy on Devil’s Night, only arson.

It’s like we put so much goddamn energy and time into the Christmas season that we have to spread it over two days. This is to ensure that the day before Christmas is the most hectic thing it can ever be. A great deal of people don’t even get the day off of work, which makes the time crunch even more dismal. Any last minute shopping or wrapping or preparations you need to make will end up being the most insane experience of the whole month.

You can’t go anywhere or do anything on Christmas Eve without running into insane people. There are just bodies and flesh everywhere, all jammed into impossible lines at the store, the aisles overflowing with last-minute shoppers and their nightmarish seeping dirt children. Even if you just need to run in and grab something you’re going to have to schedule about fourty-five minutes to an hour  to actually park, wait in line and all that jazz.

If you’re like me, Christmas Eve is a day you spend with extended family to exchange gifts, eat dinner, do all the same shit you’d do on Christmas, just a day earlier.  I ask you though, where does it stop? Will future generations be celebrating the entire week run-up to Christmas? Will the 12 Days of Christmas song actually have relevance again?

Anywho, here’s hoping your Christmas Eve is light on the insanity this year. If you have time to check us out tomorrow, we’ll be toasting to the end of the holidays with the big Christmas Day post!

Also, don’t forget the 5-day “I Hate New Years” countdown is coming soon, so stick around!


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