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December 25th – Santa

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Merry Christmas, Fuckers!

So the presents have been shredded, the food has been devoured and the family has gone apeshit insane — must be Christmas Day, huh?

To celebrate the end of one of the most miserable Christmas seasons ever (thank you, economy!) I’d like to spend today taking a shot at the biggest Christmas icon of all time — no, not Jesus Christ, I’m talking about the other guy with the facial hair, Santa Claus.

First of all, why are we keeping the whole Santa tradition going anymore? Who are these psychopaths who are filling their kids heads with flat-out lies only to turn around and take it all back once puberty hits? Sure you want little Susie-Face to fit in with her classmates and friends and participate in a long-lasting tradition, but at the cost of what? Teaching your kids to be deceptive?

Santa is the representation of a primarily Christian holiday (with Pagan roots, but shh everyone decided to ignore that awhile ago) and is really the first lesson kids get about faith. They’re asked to believe in a magical man who knows if they’ve been bad or good and will reward them once a year for having clean souls.  So when the kids are good (or even when they’re not) and there are toys under the tree come Christmas, they’ve learned to put their faith in something and are rewarded with a material object. It’s not hard to then move them up to the big leagues and make them be good for their whole lives and be rewarded in the afterlife by this Jesus fellow, who is a lot like Santa in many ways.

So okay, great, you taught your kids about faith, how nice for them. But then! Once they start to get too old for Santa Claus,  you pull the rug out from under them, that the whole thing was just a ruse based on years of tradition and that it was really mom and dad supplying the rewards. Okay, so how hard is it for a kid to jump to the conclusion that there’s no God either? That in the end, they’ll die and it’ll be mom and dad just yanking their chains all over again. Fool me once, shame on you and so on.

Santa is basically corporate Jesus. Since it’d be tacky and offensive to use Jesus to hock merchandise and to teach kids how to be good little consumers, it’s this similar-yet-different guy who sweeps in and does the job. At the end of the day, when you find out Santa isn’t real, it doesn’t mean the presents stop coming because it’s money, not Christmas magic, that is bringing them.

People love to joke that Santa is a communist because he wears red and gives presents to all the children of the world. That’d be funny if it were true because he doesn’t exactly give presents to everyone now, does he? Certainly anyone who doesn’t follow Christianity in any way shape or form isn’t getting a present, so that actually rules out entire countries.

And what he doles out ain’t exactly equal either. Kids from high-income families come to school after Christmas break with new iPods and Playstation 3’s while lower income kids get less flashy stuff, or sometimes nothing at all depending on the financial situation that the family is in.  So why is it that Santa seems to distribute presents unevenly to kids in different economic households?

Doesn’t it seem cruel to anyone else for a kid to have to come to school and find his classmate got all these lavish gifts from Santa Clause while he barely got anything? I mean, Santa is supposed to be this all-knowing magical genie or whatever, he’s supposed to make every little kid’s dreams come true, not just the rich ones.

Do we even need Santa (besides to sell Coke bottles) anymore ? Do kids even play with toys and do they really believe some elf out there is building him a goddamn iPhone for Christmas? You see all these specials and movies with elves making wooden trains and rag dolls and then you wake up to Christmas morning to pre-packaged consumer goods that are still a little sticky from where Santa apparently scratched off the price tag when he picked the gift up from Target on his way over.

Want to know how I found out there was no Santa? I was digging around for gum in my mom’s purse and found a receipt with all of the presents Santa had supposedly brought. Well okay, actually it was Easter and it ruined the Easter Bunny for me, but it only took me about 30 seconds to draw my own conclusions about Santa based on that event.  Maybe discovering that holidays were just thinly-veiled consumer events at an early age is what has made me so cynical towards Christmas all of these years.

Or maybe this time of year just really, truly does suck.

Either way, I blame Santa.

Well… that’s it folks! Another holiday in the can and only 365-or-so days of freedom until we get to do it all again.

Don’t Forget! I’ll be back on Monday to countdown to 2010 with my 5-Day I Hate New Years special! See ya then!


December 24th – Christmas Eve

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OMG Christmas Eve WTF!

Let's all lose our minds for Christmas!

So here it is, Christmas Eve is upon us which means that if we all just shut our eyes and hold out for a few more days, all of this insanity will be behind us.

I’m updating this one super early because I have to head up north to my grandparent’s place in only a few short hours from now.  This is because Christmas Eve has somehow fooled us all into being its own holiday.

What is the deal with Christmas Eve anyways? Why do no other holidays get an Eve before them? I guess Halloween does have Devil’s Night, but that’s not really a good holiday. On Christmas Eve you might get to open some presents early. You don’t get candy on Devil’s Night, only arson.

It’s like we put so much goddamn energy and time into the Christmas season that we have to spread it over two days. This is to ensure that the day before Christmas is the most hectic thing it can ever be. A great deal of people don’t even get the day off of work, which makes the time crunch even more dismal. Any last minute shopping or wrapping or preparations you need to make will end up being the most insane experience of the whole month.

You can’t go anywhere or do anything on Christmas Eve without running into insane people. There are just bodies and flesh everywhere, all jammed into impossible lines at the store, the aisles overflowing with last-minute shoppers and their nightmarish seeping dirt children. Even if you just need to run in and grab something you’re going to have to schedule about fourty-five minutes to an hour  to actually park, wait in line and all that jazz.

If you’re like me, Christmas Eve is a day you spend with extended family to exchange gifts, eat dinner, do all the same shit you’d do on Christmas, just a day earlier.  I ask you though, where does it stop? Will future generations be celebrating the entire week run-up to Christmas? Will the 12 Days of Christmas song actually have relevance again?

Anywho, here’s hoping your Christmas Eve is light on the insanity this year. If you have time to check us out tomorrow, we’ll be toasting to the end of the holidays with the big Christmas Day post!

Also, don’t forget the 5-day “I Hate New Years” countdown is coming soon, so stick around!

December 23rd – Snow

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I hate snow.

Kind of a stupid thing to say when you continue to choose to live in Michigan of all places, but I hate snow. From fall on till spring, every day that I wake up I hope that it hasn’t snowed. Nothing can kill a good mood like a few inches of this white bullshit.

My hatred of snow is not put on hold for Christmas. Why is it that on this one day of the year, people actually hope for snow? “Oh please! Let us have frozen precipitate this year for Christmas! It’ll be a goddamn miracle!”

Okay, I’ll bite and admit that the winter landscape sans snow looks like some burned out post-apocalyptic wasteland, but that doesn’t mean I want it to snow either.  The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Snow is only fun for about three minutes. It looks pretty and it’s all gentle and soothing until you’re forced to go shovel it out of your driveway. And really, that’s the way snow is always regarded as, just this nuisance that you push out of the way. Once it starts to melt it doesn’t even look pretty anymore,  just  gray decaying tumors  on the side of the road.

So why the big deal for snow on Christmas? Why do people WANT the driving conditions to be all fucked up? Obviously nobody is going to go out and plow or salt roads on Christmas. The next time you wish for a white Christmas, realize you’re wishing for more fatal car crashes. Yeah you get to look at the nice white pretty snow from inside your safe little house, but somewhere out there that snow is taking lives, maybe even the lives of little Susie-Joe and Bobby-Face buckled up in the backseat on the way to Grandma’s.

Ultimately, there’s no such thing as a white Christmas because snow is always stained red with the blood of innocents.

December 22nd – Christmas Cards

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I understand the concept of Christmas Cards quite clearly and I can see how they could have been a convenient way to keep in touch with people during the holidays– in 1953.

Anything involving an actual stamp and paper these days is an out-dated practice. Yet Christmas Cards continue to be this phenominon that, much like the rest of this holiday, people have yet to see as the antiquated process that they really are.

Christmas Cards come in two varieties. The first is just your standard greeting card fare, nothing more and nothing less. Just some generic seasonal sentiment or maybe a big “Happy Holidays” scribed in gold cursive across the front with a signature and equally generic greeting inside. “Hope your holidays are the best!” or “From our family to yours, Merry Christmas” or “No more holiday suicide attempts, Grandma, we’re having you put in a home!”

The other version is some sort of long-form epic poem detailing the life of you and your family for the last 365 days like someone actually gives a shit.

“Oh things are just peachy here. Bobby graduated from high school last June and is doing well as a Freshman at State. James was laid off and I think he’s been sleeping with another woman when he’s supposed to be filing for food stamps. The twins are no longer trying to have sex with each other, but they’re still wearing ladies underwear. The dog is still a dog!”

Who cares!? Get a fucking phone and use it every now and then so you don’t need to write “my average family life is average” a million different ways each year!

And again, do we need more wasting in the holiday season? All you’re really doing is creating more garbage when you send these cards because you can be damn sure nobody is treasuring them for years to come.  I’m betting if we cancelled all Christmas cards just once, the government would save billions on the gas and manpower it takes to deliver all of these worthless pieces of paper each year.  Then we could finally have health care reform!

Yes, that’s what I’m saying about Christmas Cards. All you greedy people sending cards out are just taking money away from sick and possibly dying babies.

How about you write that in your card this year?

December 21st – Real Christmas Trees

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This is it folks, Christmas is this week so the blog will be wrapping up, but not before unwrapping more cynical presents for you readers! This week I’m letting out all the stops with the holiday subjects that will be the most controversial.

Plus! Be sure to stick around with the blog next week for a special 5-day “I Hate New Years” countdown to 2010!

Today’s gripe is going to be one of those that divides my readers. People who get real Christmas trees each year have made a pretty stable tradition of it and will defend it to death.  Sorry to offend you real tree psychos but I’m giving a big old thumbs down to this tradition!

I used to be one of you. Every year I got to be in charge of watering the real tree that we lovingly put up in our home. Then one Christmas my mom announced we were going with a fake tree and I thought that the holiday would never be the same again.

And then I got over it.

I mean, for starters, let’s talk about the ecological impact that real trees have.  Sure, they’re grown on specialty farms so its not like you’re going out and actually taking a tree from the wild, but still, it’s completely wasteful.  You kill something, bring it into your home so you can decorate it and watch it die for a few weeks and then dump it unceremoniously on the side of the road for the garbage man to pick up.  It’s a colossial waste for what’s not even a Christian tradition anyway.

It’s not just a waste of resources, it’s a waste of money as well. Every year you go out and pay for a new tree just to throw it out later. It’s like you’re renting it or something. Why not just buy one tree and get a few years use out of it?

Plus, real trees can often look sickly or awkward or just plain weird. If you get a nice enough fake tree it always looks full and can be adjusted to the perfect size for the room you have it in.

Then there’s the needles! Oh my god, why would you ever want to bring that many prickly annoying things into your house? By the end of the whole event, the house becomes no longer safe to walk around in barefoot.

Some people say they can’t live without the smell of a real Christmas tree, that it just doesn’t feel like Christmas to them. Okay, I can understand that and I can see why the smell of fake pine candles or spray might not be the same thing, but when it comes down to it, you’re investing all this time and money and hassle for a scent. That’s kind of weird.

Thanks to Becky!

Thanks to Becky for letting me show off her awesome tree!

There’s some people who skip the whole real vs fake debate and don’t do trees at all. I think that’s a commendable idea! A friend of mine on Livejournal didn’t feel up for getting a tree this year and instead painted a 2-dimensional one that I think is way cooler! The added lights and ornaments really brings it all together.

Whatever tree you decide to do, just remember that the Pagans came up with the idea first, so you might want to rethink all the Jesus-y Christmas ornaments. I’m not sure he’d like that too much.

December 20th – Get Some New Food, Christmas!

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Sorry for missing another day in the C.A.C. yesterday, but like I said before the holidays have a tendency to take up all of the time in a day. I’ll be making up the two entries I missed with double posts on Monday and Tuesday!

Now I’m a fat kid who loves food and any excuse to gorge myself on tasty noms is good enough for me.  Christmas dinner, however, was never a real big draw for me. As a kid, eating dinner at Christmas was like the ultimate test in patience. All you wanted to do was either open presents or play with the ones you already got, but here were these older people shoving food in your face making you choke it down before you could have any fun.

Now that I’m older and don’t see dinner as a distraction, I still have an issue with what’s on the menu. Christmas is like the ultimate rip-off when it comes to dinner. It’s either a re-tread of the Thanksgiving staples like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and whatnot or a ham is served, much like on Easter. I shouldn’t feel like it’s possible that I’m eating month old leftovers from a holiday that’s only purpose seems to be to kick-off the Christmas season.

After eating these same meals year after year I keep hoping one day my relatives will get all creative while watching Food Network and try something different. At this point, I’d love it if we just ordered pizzas and got drunk, but that’s why I’m not in charge of any of these things.

Variety is the spice of life and there’s a huge difference between tradition and terrible. It’s tradition to get together to eat,  the menu ought to be flexible.  This year, I impore you all to bring a dish that’s out of the ordinary to Christmas dinner and shake things up.  Is it too much to make it a meal that’s actually worth waiting a year for?

December 18th – Shopping Insanity!

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Today I finished all of my Christmas shopping in one glorious go (except for one more gift, which I am ordering online from the comfort of my own home.) I refused to get swept up in the holiday madness this year and planned all of my gifts out well in advance so I could just swoop in and buy them all when I had the money. Don’t get me wrong, I like shopping, I just hate people and going into a store a week before Christmas is like entering a human zoo.

I know it’s kind of cliche at this point to even moan about Christmas shopping because it’s common knowledge that the stores will be packed and that people will be losing their goddamn minds over stuff.  That doesn’t make it any less terrible and there’s no way I could run a blog like this and not touch upon the subject.

I should be doing all of my shopping online, but the only thing preventing me from doing that is all the shipping hassles. Its not too outrageous if you buy the gifts at the beginning of the month, but as the season winds down and that last paycheck before Christmas comes in, you end up paying double the amount just to get it to ship in time.  In that sense, every year I’m essentially duped into entering the brick and morter stores anyway, despite my attempts to go digital.

This year wasn’t as bad as in recent years, but I also got smart. I went during the day, as early as I could, when many people were still at work. That’s not to say it wasn’t still a complete madhouse of old people, stay at home moms and screaming children, but at least the lines weren’t terribly long.

The worst though is the parking. Why does Christmas have to be in December when it’s freezing out? I have no idea who these people are who get the front parking spots, but I’m always stuck out in the wastelands of the lot and have to use a GPS to find my way back to civilization.  The long trek to the store in the cold is just sickening, but even worse is coming back to your car. You’re guaranteed that you won’t find it right away, causing a considerable amount of wandering around in the frigidness.  Then when you do find it, you’re not treated to that instant woosh of warmth like you get from entering the store.

Even if my shopping is all done, it doesn’t mean I get to completely avoid the chaos. Chances are sometime in the next week I’ll need to run up to the store for some toliet paper or other random item and get to experience the maddness all over again. You can’t do anything or go anywhere during this time of year without it being a real pain in the ass!

Can’t I just hibernate and wake up in a week or two when it’s safe to come out again?